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Hello! I'm Amy Kenney, and I'm the maker behind Hot Mama Bakery. This label has had a little journey since I first adopted it 15 years ago. 

In 2008, I was pregnant with my fourth kid and needing to make some money while my husband was in school. Hot Mama Bakery was born as a way to sell my homemade baked goods at a local farmers' market. I was able to feed our giant family, and I got my first taste at running my own business. Delicious.

Fifteen years later, my husband has graduated, we have added a fifth kid to the crew, and I have traded my love of baking for a love of illustration and design. I can still make a mean chocolate chip cookie, but what to do with this new passion? Open an online shop to sell my illustrated products, of course! What should I call this shop? Hot Mama Bakery. Of course.